Renewal Process


Approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to your permit expiration, you will be provided renewal course information via the mail.  

You will receive the following forms: 

Available Renewal Classes

  • We have modified the 8-hour renewal course to combine online and in-person learning (approximately 4 hours each). 
  • It is your responsibility to review the online materials prior to the in-person class. This material will be covered on the written test. 
  • In order to renew your permit, you will need to successfully pass the written test and qualify with your weapon/s (in-person portion). 

Qualification Requirements & Range Safety Protocol

  • A description of the three stages of qualification. 
  • Information on Range Safety and potential violations. 

Update Information Form

  • Please complete and include the class date and time requested where indicated (print clearly).
  • To secure a spot, you must complete all required forms and return them with payment as directed. 
  • You will only be contacted if we are unable to add you to the requested class.

If possible, include an email, as that is the fastest way to receive any update or notification.


These forms, along with associated fees, must be returned to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in order to hold a spot. 

Classes fill up quickly, and we strongly advise you to renew on time. If you delay, it may result in our inability to fit you into a class.